Welcome To YEDI’A

Hi everyone and welcome to our new Sisterhood site, our YEDI’A blog, where we hope to build a space to provide more in-depth understanding of all things Sisterhood.

There will be posts about all kinds of things, from information about some of our Tikkun Olam charity projects, to what our next book will be for our Book club. From exciting tidbits about our upcoming fundraising events to interesting news that may affect us as Jewish women. There may be some fun commentaries like the best places to get a bagel in South Jersey and there may be some serious articles that make us inspired to take action and get involved. Where this blog goes is limitless, and I encourage you to get in on the journey with us.

Why is our blog called YEDI’A? Well, yedi’a is a feminine Hebrew word that means notice, news, information, and knowledge. And that seems to fit right in with what we want this blog to be. A place to get out information that will help our members to “be in the know.”

As your Sisterhood President, Jessica Chasen will be posting here often, but I am sure over time you’ll hear from many of our other Sisterhood leadership as we use this space to learn, grow, educate, and inform so we can all


Published by jesschasen

Temple Emanuel Sisterhood - Past President 2019-2020 Temple Emanuel - Interim Executive Director

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