Sephirat Ha’omer

COUNTING THE OMER – This prayer is traditionally recited between sundown and sunrise of each day.

Day 39: Netzach she b’Yesod
The Blessing (Day 39):
Baruch atah Adonai elohaynu melech ha’olam asher kidshanu b’mitzvotav v’tzivanu al sephirat ha’omer.
Blessed are you, G-D, Source of Foundation, You make us holy through your mitzvot, commanding us to count the Omer.

Ha yom tisha v’shloshim yom, shehem chamisha shavuot v arba’a yomim l’Omer.
Today is the thirty-ninth day, which makes five weeks and four days of the Omer

Week Six- Yesod (Foundation)

Day Thirty-nine: Netzach she b’Yesod (Endurance within Foundation) – RIGHT HIP to GENITALS

As my father, a carpenter by trade, taught me many times, you must build a strong Foundation for any structure if you expect it to last.  He would stress this over and over again, primarily because he knew how tedious and exhausting the work is when done correctly.  This is not just true with physical structures, but also with those more esoteric foundations within our own self, families, and communities.  Meticulous attention to what builds a stable base requires perseverance, courage, and Endurance.

All long-term goals require sustained effort to handle problems or obstacles that may interfere.   Building anything stable requires numerous determined steps, not just for the original building of the base, but constant reevaluation of the structure to confirm it is still strong and accurate for our needs.  We must be persistent in keeping our eye on our planned goal as we build and maintain our strong base. Anytime something changes we must reevaluate the situation, take any steps needed to alter the foundation we stand on to make sure it is still strong, and remember to constantly review it to know that we are standing on something solid again. This can happen in any areas of our lives, from the relationships we have nurtured to the foundation of our own selves which may need to be reviewed and fortified to handle the changes from external and/or internal factors.

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